Driving school AutoMoat

The driving school for everyone!

Why automatic?

When choosing an automatic driving license you choose convenience, economy, safety and for the future. Many car brands have already started to make only automatic models, in the long run gear shifting will disappear completely. Add to this the developments in electric and hybrid driving and the choice is made quickly. Driving school Automoat is the ideal driving school to be ready for the future together with you.

At Driving School Automoat you have a permanent instructor, you learn in a smooth, sporty, compact Peugeot 208 and you receive tailor-made training. We want to guide you to obtaining your driver's license in the most pleasant, calm, patient and structured way possible.

Do we see you soon?

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Specialty AutoMoat

Not everyone can just get into a car. With certain limitations or fears, some help is needed. Driving school AutoMoat can help with the following fears and diagnoses.

  • Must be paid before the start of the trial lesson

Tips for your exam

Before you can take the practical exam, you have to cross off a number of things. View the 3 steps below.

Pass your theory exam

Before you can apply for a practical exam, you must first have passed your theory exam.

Declaration of health

Fill in the health declaration required by the CBR truthfully. You do this on your own CBR page.


Authorize your driving school to request the exams or tests intended for you. You do this on your own CBR page.